About Us

Since 1892, the Hillsdale Board of Public Utilities has been the municipally owned and operated provider of electric, water and wastewater services to the City of Hillsdale and the outlying areas. Presently, the Hillsdale BPU serves over 6,300 residents in central Hillsdale County with reliable electric power and nearly 4,000 homes and businesses receive quality water and wastewater services within the city limits.

Board of Directors                                        Term

  • Barry Hill,  President                           May 2020
  • Bob Batt, Vice President                      May 2019
  • Chris Sumnar                                         May 2021
  • Eric Hoffman                                          May 2022
  • Lois Howard                                           May 2018


Chris McArthur | Interim Director

Chad Culbert | Electric Distribution Superintendent

Bill Briggs | Superintendent of Water Distribution / Sewer Collection    Supsuperintendent of Water Treatment / Waste Water Treatment