After Hour Emergencies Instructions


Anytime that you call our office outside of normal business hours you will receive a recording which offers several options.

  • You can leave a message in the general mailbox. These messages are listened to the next business morning.
  • You can dial the extension number of the person you want to reach or access the directory.
  • You can leave an emergency message.

To leave an emergency message, you must have a touch tone phone. If you do not have touch tone capabilities, please call 911 and request that they place the call for you.

To place an emergency call, please follow the instructions in the recording. Please only place your call once. When the message is left in the appropriate emergency mailbox, the system will contact the emergency personnel on call and they will respond appropriately. It is very important that you access the appropriate mailbox during an emergency. Leaving an emergency message in the general mailbox will not get a response.

Types of emergencies include, but are not limited to, power outage, fire, sparking, no water, water leak, sewer plug.

When leaving an emergency message please clearly state your name, your phone number and your address, also a short description of the problem.

The personnel responding may not call you back – please be assured that they have responded as in some instances, there are enough calls or enough information that they realize where and what the problem is and they are responding directly.