After Hour Emergencies Instructions


To report your outage all you will need to know is the phone number on file with our office or the account number of the service address. Below is an example of where your account number can be found at the top of your monthly bill.

  1. Dial 1-844-427-8633 to report your utility emergency. This phone number replaces all previous utility emergency telephone numbers.
  2. Follow the simple prompts and be prepared to enter the telephone number for your utility account. The system will signal our After Hours Crews to your location. (If you do not know the account telephone number, you will be asked to enter either your account number or to leave a voice message.)
  3. Listen for up-to-date outage information. The system will notify you that your outage has been entered and any other outage details at that time.

Types of emergencies include, but are not limited to, power outage, fire, sparking, no water, water leak, sewer plug.

The personnel responding may not call you back – please be assured that they have responded as in some instances, there are enough calls or enough information that they realize where and what the problem is and they are responding directly.

For any non-emergency questions or concerns please call our office at 517-437-3387 during normal business hours Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.