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The Hillsdale Board of Public Utilities continuously strives to provide our customers with quality customer service. Since we are municipally owned and operated, all decision-makers that draft the policies, rates and regulations of the Hillsdale BPU are local men and women who represent the interest of our local customers.

Utility Rates – view current rates for electric, water & sewer
Energy Efficiency Programs – view current rebate programs
Home Surge Arrestor Program – information for this residential program
Forms & Requests – find all available forms and requests
Deposit Requirement – view current deposit policy
Rules & Regulations – Complete
Fees & Charges – current listing of fees and charges
After Hour Emergencies Instructions – what to do after hours when there is a utility emergency
Water Quality Report – 2016 – view report
Energy Optimization Plan – state mandated program
Status Update for 2014 Energy Efficiency Program – view status report