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Energy Optimization Renewable Energy Plan 2016 Annual Summary Report

The Hillsdale Board of Utilities

Energy Optimization Renewable Energy Plan

2016 Annual Summary Report


Message From The Director

The following report demonstrates the Hillsdale Board of Public Utilities commitment to helping our customers become more energy efficient. In 2016, the Hillsdale BPU contracted with Efficiency United to administer the energy optimization programs to comply with PA 295.

Our Energy Optimization (EO) program delivers real energy savings to customers, which directly impacts their bills. After reading this report, if you have other questions regarding our EO program, please visit our website at or call us at (517)437-3387.

Thank You

Mike Barber

Director of Utilities

Hillsdale Board of Public Utilities


Public Act 295

In October of 2008 the Michigan Legislature passed Public Act 295 which is referred to as the “Clean, Renewable and Efficient Energy Act”. Each year, Michigan utilities are required to assist customers in improving electric efficiency through Energy Optimization programs, increase the amount of renewable energy in the utility’s generation portfolio and provide an annual summary to customers showing the results of these efforts. 

A copy of the complete 2016 report for Energy Optimization Plan is available at the Board of Public Utilities office or on our website at




In 2016, The Hillsdale Board of Public Utilities saved over 1.9 million kilowatt hours of electricity through the Energy Optimization Program, exceeding the state-mandated goal by 60.6%.

The program offered many opportunities for customers to save energy and money. Those opportunities included:

  • Incentives for purchasing ENERGY STAR® appliances, high efficiency HVAC systems and LED light bulbs. 


  • Incentives for recycling old, inefficient refrigerators, freezers, room air conditioners, and dehumidifiers. 
  • Home performance rebates on home heating and cooling, water heating equipment, insulation, windows and pool pumps.
  • Income qualified assistance through energy efficiency improvements, partnered with local Community Action Agencies and other non- profit organizations.
  • Business customers were offered incentives for upgrading to equipment with greater energy efficiency, including lighting, motors, air systems, refrigeration, HVAC units, and building management systems.  

  In addition, almost 100 boulevard lights were upgraded to LEDs in 2016




Public Act 295 also requires The Hillsdale Board of Public Utilities to acquire renewable energy, sometimes called “green” or “clean energy”. This state law requires electric utilities to have 10% renewable energy by 2015. The Hillsdale Board of Public utilities is meeting this goal by incorporating the following resources in our energy portfolio.

·         Hydroelectric generating facilities located on the Ohio River.

·         Hydroelectric generating facilities located in Oconto Falls, Wisconsin.

·         Hydroelectric generating facilities in Menominee, MI.

For 2016 the Hillsdale Board of Public Utilities purchased 11,899 Renewable Energy Credits (REC). The credits from the Upper Peninsula Hydro Power Purchase Agreement offset almost all of the costs of these RECs and left a balance of $74.65.

Long-term sustainable planning has allowed the Hillsdale BPU to displace fossil fuels with 19% renewable energy – almost double the required standard for 2016.




The Hillsdale Board of Public Utilities has received national recognition for achieving exceptional electric reliability in 2016. The recognition comes from the American Public Power Association (, a trade group that represents more than 2,000 not-for-profit, community-owned electric utilities. The association honored only 121 public power utilities with this award.


The Association helps members track outage and restoration data through its subscription-based eReliability Tracker service and then compares the data to national statistics tracked by the U.S. Energy Information Administration for all types of electric utilities.



Notice of Scheduled Electrical Work:

Notice of Scheduled Electrical Work:

The Hillsdale Board of Public Utilities will be preforming maintenance to the power system in and around the Hospital area over the next several months.

This maintenance is in preparation of a larger project planned for the summer of 2017 that will improve power quality and reliability in the area.

The maintenance will force the need to have occasional brief outages.

Employees of the Hillsdale BPU will attempt to personally notify any affected customers in advance.

Every attempt will be made to keep any interruptions of service as short as possible.

Your patience and cooperation are appreciated as we work to improve your electrical service.





The Hillsdale BPU Regular Board Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. in the boardroom at 45 Monroe Street, Hillsdale, MI  49242.

Below is a complete list of the dates for the 2017 calendar year.

January 10, 2017                                                7:00 pm

February 14, 2017                                              7:00 pm

March 14, 2017                                                   7:00 pm

April 11, 2017                                                      7:00 pm

May 9, 2017                                                         7:00 pm

June 13, 2017                                                      7:00 pm

July 11, 2017                                                        7:00 pm

August 8, 2017                                                    7:00 pm

September 12, 2017                                            7:00 pm

October 10, 20147                                              7:00 pm

November 14, 2017                                            7:00 pm

December 12, 2017                                            7:00 pm