Report an Outage

What Should I Do If My Power Is Off?

First, check your home’s breaker panel and any outdoor disconnects to make sure the outage is not due to a tripped breaker in your fuse box panel.

Most mobile homes have an outside breaker box on the meter pedestal or pole which is the responsibility of the homeowner. If your mobile home is the only home in the park without power, check your breaker panel before calling.

Next, call or check to see if several of your neighbors’ power is off. This will help you determine if the problem exists inside your home or is a result of a power outage on our lines.

Who Do I Call to Report My Outage

If you determine the problem is not with your breaker panel, please call  1-844-427-8633 to report the outage. For full After Hour Emergency Instructions please go HERE.

How Do I Report a Security Light or Street Light Outage

To report these types of outages please contact us at 437-3387 or go to our online reporting form HERE.